FO: Basic Hat

I actually finished this a long time ago, but forgot to make a topic about it. This is the first hat I have ever made, it was made from a simple pattern I found somewhere. The top sticks up a little bit, but other than that I think it is pretty good for my first hat. I love wearing it around;)

Great job on your first hat. That is very pretty yarn.

Thank you, I love it too

I love your hat! Especially the top, with the swirl!

Your avatar drawing is cute too!:slight_smile:


Very nice . I really like the colours in the yarn:)

Very nice hat! I love the yarn you used in it!

Great first hat! The colors are nice and bright too.

Cute hat!

As far as what to knit next, why not go to the patterns here on Knitting Help and look for something you want to make. You’ll get a free pattern, and all the help you can use if you run into a problem.

Debkcs: Thanks, I think I will

:yay: It looks great!!

Very pretty!

Thank you everyone!

I love it! So pretty and cheery!

Very nice job! :thumbsup: