FO Basic Garter Stitch Scarf Using Three Yarns Combined

Thanks to all the great help this forum has given me. I will be posting more scarves and other things soon. Just have to get all the yarns and needle sizes in order. Made this scarf for one of my best friends.

She’s a great make-up and hair artist and wanted to do something special for her. We were on a fashion shoot together and put it on one of my models. (since she declined to model it for me) It actually doesn’t look that bad on a guy. Sorta RockNRoll :smiley:

This is just a basic garter stitch pattern. Casted on 12 stitches using size US 35 knitting needles in three different yarns, one strand of each held together.

2 Balls of Berrocco Lavish in Caviar 7324
2 Balls of Trendsetter Yarns in Black/Pewter
It’s more like 1.5 Balls. If you don’t do tassels, then you may only need one ball.
1 Ball of Katia Gatsby Yarn in Brown Multi #3805

Hope you like the “Basic” scarf… Guess you have to start somewhere! LOL

That looks great!

very cool… and yes very rock n roll

I love it, love the colors and texture. Maybe I could handle a scaf, if only I knew how to do a garter stitch.

garter stitch is very easy, just knit every row. knit, turn, knit, turn, knit, turn… catch my drift? Go for it!

Becky, here is the beginner coming out in me.

I have only knitted with circular needles, so I am just knitting around and around.

So If I cast on 12 stitches and use straight needles I will be doing a garter stitch? Of course I only have a size 7 straight needle. Gee, guess I will have to go shopping! (needle and yarn)

I will have to venture out and try this.

Marilynn, you don’t need to buy straight needles, you can knit flat on straights. Just switch needles from one hand to the other at the end of every row.

And that guy is hot. Of course, the scarf is hot, too. But um, yeah . . . :eyebrow:

OK, bunny girl.
Do I slide the knitting to the other end of the circulars then and use the other needle to knit?

I am learning something here, just trying to get a visual.


Ok, start with all your cast-on stitches on the needle in your left hand. Knit across the row, using the other needle. At the end of the row, all of the stitches are now in your right hand. Do not slide your stitches anywhere. Transfer the needle with the stitches over to the left hand, and use the other needle to knit across the row. Repeat. Is that clear?

Thank you, I had no idea. I can do that.


Cool scarf! Wow, a fashion shoot! cool!

I like the scarf!! and the model too :eyebrow:

Nice scarf. Can we keep the model?

Very nice scarf, I’m sure your friend will love it.

Gorgeous model :muah:

Hazel x

[color=indigo]That is a magnificent scarf! Great combination of yarns!



Scarf is way cool, very rock and roll.

Can we have this beautiful man model all of our creations???