FO Basic Garter Stitch Scarf Using Three Yarns Combined

Thanks to all the great help this forum has given me. I will be posting more scarves and other things soon. Just have to get all the yarns and needle sizes in order. Made this scarf for one of my best friends.

She’s a great make-up and hair artist and wanted to do something special for her. We were on a fashion shoot together and put it on one of my models. (since she declined to model it for me) It actually doesn’t look that bad on a guy. Sorta RockNRoll :smiley:

This is just a basic garter stitch pattern. Casted on 12 stitches using size US 35 knitting needles in three different yarns, one strand of each held together.

2 Balls of Berrocco Lavish in Caviar 7324

2 Balls of Trendsetter Yarns in Black/Pewter

It’s more like 1.5 Balls. If you don’t do tassels, then you may only need one ball.

1 Ball of Katia Gatsby Yarn in Brown Multi #3805

Hope you like the “Basic” scarf… Guess you have to start somewhere! LOL

Sounds awesome! And sounds like you have such an exciting life out there in CA! Especially in comparison to my midwest life with 2.5 kids and minivan to boot. Okay, now I’m really depressed!


Happy knitting in CA - enjoy some :sun: for me!

That sounds great! Hope to see a picture soon!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: taking 2 or 3 skeins and knitting them together… It comes up with coolest variegated pattterns and I never know what it’s gonna really look like til i"m done.~~ I :heart: it…
I have made several bags like that AND i :heart: it :cheering: