FO: "Bantamime, La Poule Francais"

One more chicken and then I promise no more… for a while anyway. This is “Bantamime” (clever word play, n’cest pas?) The French Hen, who has the distinction of being a chicken NOT based on the Blue Sky Alpaca pattern by Susan B,. Anderson. She is a one-of-a-kind, and likely always will be since I was making her up as I went along and can’t remember exactly how many stitches went where. I just remember thinking I should subtitle the project “Adventures in Magic Loop (And Various Perversions Thereof)”.

The yarn was leftovers from my previous two chickens, mostly Jojoland Baritone from the Hockey Chicken, but you might also recognize that orange Cotton Ease from the UK Chicken in her feet.

The idea was to make a gift that was unique. And judging from my girlfriend’s reaction, I think the mission was successful. Bantamime has a Perch of Honor, from which she can oversee all operations.

BTW, the pattern isn’t a deep dark secret or anything, it’s just that I never wrote it down, so there’s nothing to link to. If you’re interested, I’ll be happy to share what I can remember.

That’s the best chicken yet! Well done. And it can’t be mass produced for McDonalds giveaways.

I do like this chicken, very French, very sophisticated, somewhat nautical. A great succes and a fitting evolution from the hockey ancestor.

Tres Bien!

Oh he is just tooooo toooo cute for words! :thumbsup:

I guess the chicken had “impeccable” taste, before you sewed on the beak :woot: :roflhard: :rofl:

:thud: Lucky thing she doesn’t eat much. :wink:


I knew there was a good pun in there somewhere.

At least there was no “tail of woe” involved. Though there were a bunch of “woes” in the tail. Har.

WHOA! Did the shaggy dog escape?

You could make and owl and name it Feg Hoot.

Hmm… “Feg Hoot”? I’m gonna have to think about that one… :think:

At least the “woes” in the tail were garter stitch… that helped a bit.

Oh my goodness!! I love so many things about this chicken. Love his tail, his perky uprightness, his little hangy down thing under his beak and the look he has on his face. :lol: He is so cute. And I got such a laugh reading through your post. Thanks for sharing this with us.

My husband is sitting here next to me as I work my way through the list of projects. I read the title of your post out loud. Patterns can have such exotic names that I didn’t think anything of it, but DH picked up the chicken idea (similar to pollo in Spanish) and as it was coming in he said, French Chicken? And then the picture came in. Oui, oui, French Chicken deluxe. :lol:

Well I wasn’t making two MORE of them in order to have THREE French Hens, so Bantamime is going to have to stand on her own. But my girlfriend got a HUGE charge out of her. Which was, after all, the point of the exercise.

I’m sorry that all through my post I used male pronouns. You had said it was a hen, but for some reason it looked more like a rooster to me. :lol: Three French Hens…:slight_smile: Come on you could do this. Can-can skirt for one, maybe an arteest–let the juices flow. Or this one can be the solo chicken in the pear tree.

No problem. I guess I made her more androgynous than I thought. I figured the Pat Benatar “shirt” would be a dead giveaway, but maybe they don’t listen to Pat in France or somethin’.

The biggest problem with trying to make a couple more to complete the trio is that I can’t remember exactly how I made THIS one. There wasn’t a pattern per se, just a basic idea of a shape. Then again, I suppose it’s not that complicated to make a bowling pin with legs. And now that I have a technique for grafting in the wings figured out…

We’ll see. For now I’m content to let her be one of a kind.