FO: Bamboozle Lace Panel Tunic

:happydance: Here it is:

Bamboozle Tunic knit from Gedifra California on #6 KP Options.

Oh my, that is beautiful and it looks like it fits perfectly. Great job.

That is a beautiful sweater!

That is gorgeous!! Lovely job!

Do you have to wear something under it? I would love to knit that myself, I was just wondering if the lace panel is as ‘see-through’ as it seems in the pattern.

Simply beautiful! It fits you perfectly. Great job!!! Congrats.

That came out just lovely!! and looks wonderful on you!!


totally georgous. such a lovley top. you look great in it


aww gee! thats pretty! make me one!

Oh that’s pretty and a really good fit, too!

Very nice!! Lovely subtle color.

Looks beautiful and the fit is great.

Thanks so much for your sweet comments :muah: I enjoyed knitting this - difficult enough to keep my interst but not so hard I felt numb.
I will probably wear a camisole now that I saw the picture (on Ravely) that does show more than I care to share :wink:

I have about 9 skeins of the Gedifra Californina left over- what to knit now??

ooh it looks great! Very nice work! and color!

That is one pretty top, and you do look good in it.

I keep asking myself why I’m knitting a winter sweater when I really need some lighter summer tops.

Does that have a short sleeve option?

It’s lovely! Nice work.

Thank you - there is no short sleeve option, but I don’t see why you couldn’t just knit short sleeves… use another pattern for stitch numbers and just knit the dot stitch as on the body. I don’t think I would knit the lace panel on a short sleeve.
Good luck-

That is really beautiful-and it looks like a perfect fit!

:inlove: beautiful!

That’s a lovely top. What a great job!