FO: Bamboozle Baby Hat

I knit this hat using this pattern, and am currently finishing up the matching sweater (I just need to get buttons for it, so I will post pictures of that once I’ve got the buttons sewn on).

I used Crystal Palace’s Bamboozle yarn in “Neptune”. This was the first time I’d used this yarn, and overall I’m happy with it … it was a tad on the splitty side at times though.

Very cute! If you’re going to use buttons on a baby hat make sure they are very secure. Babies have a way of yanking things off their head and sucking on it. :lol:

Cute hat! I love the yarn – can’t wait to see the sweater!

Sorry if I was misleading in my original post … the buttons aren’t for the hat, they’re for the matching sweater. I had considered that issue with the buttons, and thought of perhaps using snaps instead but I’ve never done snaps before. Has anyone else tried them? What do you all think the best solution would be?

very cute - cheery color!!

Buttons on a sweater are okay as long as they are secure. Other than that you could consider snap tape or a zipper. :think: I’ve used buttons on sweaters though. They are less of a problem than socks, mittens and hats where the baby seems to take them off and teeth on them. :lol:

Thanks for the advice Jan! I think I’ll try the buttons this time and see how it works out … might consider sticking with zippers in the future though!

[B]The hat is darling! :thumbsup: Can’t wait to see the sweater.[/B]

I knit mostly for babies and small children.
It is getting challenging to find buttons that aren’t made in China. It’s the sucking thing Jan mentioned. Babies and small kids do put almost everything in their mouths.
China does not have a good track record with plastic toys, so I assume they are no more careful with buttons.
As cute as novelty buttons are, they are hard to button and unbutton on knits and are mostly made in China.
I use smooth, flat round buttons for wee ones. Not the most imaginative, but the safest.

I sew them on with yarn and after knotting tightly, weave in about 6" of yarn of both tails.

Thanks for the tip! :thumbsup:

Love the hat and those colors are wonderful. A sweater with those colors is going to be precious

Oh good thought, Lana! Those adorable buttons that are shaped like animals or whatever…what a pain to button on hand knits! They get caught and stretch out the yarn/buttonhole. :shock:

I always look for round ones with a design although the last ones I used were shaped like ducks, but were very rounded so nothing got stuck. Never thought about China… yikes. I will from now on!