FO Bamboo Needles

Here are my size 4 bamboo dpn’s I made.

The dowels I had picked out didn’t contain a size 4 so I used bamboo skewers. They’re a little trickier to get smooth but it’s all good now. I sanded them and since I don’t have a good pencil sharpener, I used an exacto knife (much easier than a pocket knife). I also used wax paper on them and put a bit of olive oil on them. I :heart: them!

THOSE ARE SO :sunglasses: COOL :sunglasses: !!! They look as though they came out of the store! EXCELLENT JOB :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks Rebecca :smiley:

It was so much easier to use that exacto knife…I can get a more precise point. But an electric pencil sharpener is on my shopping list :smiley:

I have a gazillion skewers so I’m going to keep practicing on some with getting the points nice.

I saved $8 though by making these!! :cheering: :cheering:

I have a friend that does all of her dpns from skewers, she told me that she gets various sizes from the grocery store & the $ store. Those really, really look great :wink:

They look awesome! I wouldn’t know the difference between them and a set of Clover dpns… other than the fact that yours are sharper. Which I LOVE sharp points on small needles! :thumbsup:

Great job! I did mine with a pencil sharpner I got at target for $10…I figure make a couple of needle sets and it pays for itself.

Thanks guys…yes, I like mine kinda sharp too.

I’ll have to look at Target for a sharpener. Do you think I’d still be able to stick a size 4 in there?

They really look GREAT!! I tried those once…didnt quite have the patience to get them smooth enough.

oh yeah…I did size 2-8 4’s shouldn’t be a problem :thumbsup:

Wow those look great! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Wow Susan! those look great!

:cheering: Great job on them!!

So pretty & smooth!!!

I made some size 8’s out of chopsticks a while back. I only made 2 of them, though, and I never thought about oiling them. What a great idea!

Where does one find these skewers at the grocery store? :thinking:

Great job! :thumbsup:

They had all sizes of dowel rods at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby…I used those. The skewers would be a good idea though for a small size…it’s hard to find really thin dowels that are strong enough for needles. The skewers I have had in the past though are pretty sturdy!

I’ve experimented with Dowels and intend of continuing with them, but I hear “bamboo” and my ears perk up. I love my bamboo needles, and if I can make them myself - all the the better!

I’m so excited right now I can hardly contain myself!!! :roflhard:

My boyfriend bought me some more materials today to make my own needles. I got some Fimo polymer clay for the stoppers, some acrylic paints, some 400 grit sand paper (since all I had was 120), and some Polyurethane spray (clear) to spray on the finished, painted needles. Oh and I got some quilt batting too for when I bake the stoppers onto the needles. That way they don’t flat from laying down or get a funky spot on them.

I just did a test in the oven…because I wanted to make sure my quilt batting wouldn’t melt…loL. The clay came out great and the batting held up just fine. I put some baking soda on it too so I don’t get that funky “I’m baking clay” smell in the house or oven. Plus, I do need to make a homeade lasagna tonight for tomorrow…so I reallyyy didn’t want a stinky oven.

Anways, I’m making size 10 1/2 needles right now and I should have them complete by tomorrow and I’ll post a pic.

Sheesh, as if I needed another hobby right??? :roflhard:

Of course you do. The world is such a mess becasue we don’t have enough hobbies :lol:

Ditto to that! I have so many … I dont know what I’d be doing without them!

How cool! Can’t wait to see them.