FO: Ballet Cami

Finally! I washed and blocked the Ballet Cami. I like it with just the scoop neckline, but I tried the elastic gather as well. I am not sure which I like better. What do you guys think? For the gather, I used clear beading elastic.

The yarn is Cascade Pima Tencel, the Ballet Camiwas from Magknits, now it’s free on Ravelry.

Great job, Maureen. I like them both, although I think the scoop neckline hangs better. The gathers look like they are puckering the sides a little too much.


It looks great!! :yay:

Hi, Maureen. I think it looks fabulous either way – it fits you so well. I think I like the elastic gather just a little bit better than the plain scoop neck. It adds a little interest.

Great job! I’ll have to make this one.

It looks beautiful.

I prefer it without the gathers. It sits very nicely and looks tailored that way.

It looks like the opinions are split. Oops, that makes it hard to decide.
Sorry to not help.

:yay: It looks great!! I think it looks great both ways

WOW - it looks great and you have a great figure for it. The gathered version shows off your figure more so I would leave it gathered.

Beautiful work! I have to vote for the gather. Just as vaknitter said, the gather really shows off your figure and you’ve definitely got the figure for it!

Definitely gathered. It’s great visual interest!

I love it! I prefer gathered! Great job!

It’s beautiful and I like both ways.

It’s almost a toss up, but I like the gathered a little more.