FO: Ballband Dishrag

The notorious Ballband Dishrag… also my first effort with two different colors of yarn!

That looks pretty cool! :thumbsup:

Nice job!!!

:thumbsup: Looks great!

Great work Steve! Very bold colors!!

These colors won’t show the coffee stains! Thanks for sharing!

:thumbsup: Great job!!

Very Cool!

How do you do it?? It looks like it’s a cross between knitting and crochet.

Great job!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Looks good!

Looks great! I will warn you once you make one, you have to make more…I have made tons of these and they are soooo nice to use.

Aren’t those great fun to knit? Good job.

great job! love the colors!

Great Work!!! They are fun to knit. Nice color choice too.

very good job!

I love these too! They really are the best to clean your dishes with.

Looks good! I have yet to try that one.

Great job using the different colors!