FO: Ballband dishcloth

So I started knitting again, and since I’m moving soon, I figured I’d start with making washcloths again, plus it gave me a chance to remember how. Though I must say that remembering how to knit is like remembering how to ride a bike, you never forget how.

Nice seeing you again! Nice looking dishcloth!

Thanks, I’ve been knitting here and there, but since most of my supplies are in storage I’ve not really had a chance to knit. But once I get into my new apartment, will probably start doing it more often, still got a big ole yarn stash that I have no idea what to do with :slight_smile:

I donated a bunch of stash that I would never use to a local group that teaches abused women to knit, much of the rest I’m using for charity knitting. Then there is the lovely yarn that I’ll use eventually for me probably. :lol:

Great use of color and stitch pattern on the dishcloth. Lovely work and I’m glad you’re back at it.

Glad to see your back. I like your dishcloth.

Cool looking dishcloth. Nah, you don’t forget. You might forget a procedure, like putting a heel in a sock or something, but the minute you look at the instructions again everything comes back 100%! Glad you are knitting again.

Great job! I love that pattern!!! Welcome back to knitting!!

I really like this pattern for a dishcloth. I’ve been knitting plain garter stitch dishcloths this past week, but yours looks so artistic! I’ll go over to Ravelry and see if I can find the pattern.

Thanks for posting your little masterpiece! I love it!

Love this little dishcloth! And welcome back to knitting.

Digging through a stash that’s been in storage sounds better than opening birthday presents! May you find tons of fun things to do with it.