FO.. Ballband dishcloth

Can you be in love with a dishcloth pattern?? I love this one. I knit a bunch of “theme” dishcloths for christmas gifts this year but, this one is my favorite. The pattern comes from “Mason Dixon Knitting”. I made this cloth for my mother in law, last minute. I like how the colors play off of eachother.

That’s nice, I’m sure she’ll love it.

Mason-Dixon Knitting is one of my favorite books. I keep it by my bedside and browse through it when I wake up at night.

Thanks… Isn’t the book a hoot to read? I love the way it is written. I want to knit the bathmat next using Lilys, along with some hand towels with the linen I bought.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice.

I was just thinking of trying out that pattern! Yours looks great, I love that you chose to do it in Christmas Colors. :cheering:

Your dishcloth turned out GREAT!

I’ve made two of these (I just love the book!). We use them all the time.

I’ve also made the Absorba mat and linen hand towels (moss stitch) from the book. :thumbsup:

That is really nice!

cute! i love the christmas colors!

That is very pretty! :slight_smile:

It looks great!!

Thanks girls for all your wonderful comments. I’ve been digging through my dishcloth yarns to come up with some pretty cool color combo’s for these dishclothes. I’m doing one now in two shades of blue.

That looks great! I’ve always wondered what the backside of that looks like, can you share a photo?

That is so cool looking…love the colors!!:thumbsup:

Here’s a picture of the backside view of that ballband cloth. It’s not a great picture, sorry about the quality. I also attached a pic of the front and back of the blue one I just started for my mom.

Thanks, that doesn’t look bad! :wink:

Looks great!

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Great job! I really want to try some of these (bought the yarn for it this weekend). What’s the best way to do the color changes? A duplicate stitch join? or … ?

Very nice! I like this pattern a lot too. And it’s a good way to use my little bits of leftover yarn. I made some Scribble Lace and the potholder loop bathmats out of the book too. It’s a great book. You’ll have fun with coming up with color combos!
On the yarn…I just carried it up the side. Somewhere I found instructions to do like an i-cord edge to cover the twists better but it’s fine without.