FO - ballband dishcloth and a question

this is my second ballband dishcloth i have made using the pattern found in Mason-Dixon - i like using the two colors - makes me feel like i am doing something fancy when i’m really not. for those of you who have knit this before, any suggestions on how to keep the edges of the dishcloth more even? i find that when i try to carry the two colors along, i end up with some pretty raggedy-looking edges…

The cloth turned out really cute! I made this pattern with the same colored yarn, and the sides of mine turned out like your’s too. I don’t really have a remedy, unless we should be tightening the yarn as we go up.

Regardless, you did a nice job! This is a fun pattern!

What if you just did a border of garter stitch as you knit…or p/u stitches and do it? :think:

That looks great and I agree with Jan, just some type of border would solve the problem.

Hey, why not do a “crab stitch” (reverse single crochet) border all around the 4 edges??!!

That would look really great, and not add any width to the dishcloth!

BTW, your knitting is beautiful, and you should be very proud of it!!! :thumbsup:

I’ve done several of these. I carefully cross the old yarn behind the new one when changing colors. It creates a little colored twist up the side. I’ve never been unhappy with my edge, once these start getting used it is hardly noticeable. But I know somewhere in the land of the internet someone posted ways to fix up the edges. Couldn’t tell you where though. I think crochet or applied I-cord were two popular solutions.

I love the pattern. You’re right - it does look like you did something terribly difficult (while you know it wasn’t so bad!) I’m interested if you can solve the edge problem as that’s something I was trying to figure out, too.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Indigo”][SIZE=“4”]First of all, this was not my idea…LOL! My friend that taught me to knit suggested this and I love it.

Cast on 4 extra stitches. Knit into the back of the first 2 stitches, slip the last 2 stitches of each row…I believe she calls it an applied I-chord…it’s really cool and looks alot neater!

Hope that helps!
Merry :)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

Your cloth turned out great! I started knitting one tonight and it is such an easy pattern. I was just flying through the rows. I think my edges look good, so far.