FO - Babysack finally finished!

When i saw the babysack Ingrid knit, i got inspired and decided to try something similar for my colleague daddy-to-be and try stranding (aka Fair Isle)… I used some mohair-like 70% acrylic 30% polyamid i got from my grandma’s stash with 3mm needles. This yarn is totally unfroggable! I didn’t have a baby to put in it, so i used whatever there was :rofling:. It’s made for 3-6 months sized baby.

Love it!! You did a super job. Wish I had a little one to make this for.

Nice job Nat.

That looks great! :heart: Wish mine were still little enough to use something like that - (for oh so many reasons!:teehee:)



Great job!

That must’ve taken forever!! It’s lovely!

Phenomenal! I just love it!:inlove:

oooohhhhhh la la! Pretty! :inlove:

That is too cute!! Excellent job!



That’s so beautiful! I’m sure your collegue will love it.

I don’t know what that means (I’m sorry, i’m rather weak with Australian dialect :rofling:), but thank you!!!:muah:(I’m sorry, the little linguist in me is intrigued)…

Well, it took me about 2 months and i didn’t knit everyday and it was fast, because it’s mostly knit in the round so i don’t have to purl:cheering::cheering::cheering:

Purdy: slang form of Pretty
If you stretch pretty out with a southern drawl, (or massachusets accent) it can come out sounding more like purrrrr-ty or purrrrdy.

and it IS Purdy

What a treasure!

I hope his wife will love it:roflhard:. Otherwise, i’ll feel awkward. I hope she won’t ask him “Is there a receipt with that, can i exchange that?”:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:People here are not used to hand knitted stuff:shrug:.

Now i know something new :cheering::cheering::cheering: Thank you for the quick assistance, marykz!

Beautiful interpretation!! I love the ruffle–it adds a very nice touch!!:cheering::cheering:

That is so beautiful, Nat! And this is your 1st project using colorwork?? Wow!! Very nice!!

That’s beautiful! You did a great job.