FO - Baby's blanket buddy (aka scary rabbit!)

I’ve now finished the blanket buddy for my friend who is expecting (better hope they got the scan right and it is a girl! :lol: )

Thanks to Ingrid who helped me out with my casting on question. I’d still have been stuck if I hadn’t have found this website!

It’s freebie pattern from Lion, made in pink Velvetspun (carnation):

Again, hubby has a rather unhelpful opinion - he thinks it’s a were-rabbit! :roflhard: :rollseyes:

Well I think it’s adorable! Great job!

That is NOT a were-rabbit. It is very cute :smiley:


:heart: That is too cute!!! :heart:

It is adorable - I’ve always loved that pattern!

I think it is absolutely adorable!!!

I think it is absolutely adorable!!!

I LOVE it!! I’m going to have to make a trip to Micheael’s because I just had two baby cousins born, best friend baby due this week, my first neice due this week. A nephew in Novemeber and an unkown neice/nephew in Dec.

Too cute! That is a lucky little baby girl!

Aaaaahhhhh! That is soooo cute!

It’s really cute :heart:

:thumbsup: Very sweet! I like it.

I wish I had a picture of the clown I did as a baby gift for a girl at work. Now that was truly scary! But she claims it’s his favorite! No telling with kids.

I love it!! It’s just adorable!!

Too cute! I’m impressed with your embroidery.

I made this project for a baby gift and couldn’t get the face right. I just decided to give it to the family without the embroidered face. When I received the thank you note, it read, “Thank you for the pink snuggly”–I don’t think they realized it was a bunny! :oops:

By the way, I used Fantasy Natual Cotton for mine. It turned out nice–except for the face! I knew those little paws are prime candidates for teething and I wanted something that would wash well.

That is so cute,… and the first time I have ever seen the final project looking better then the picture in the pattern.

Adorable! :heart:

super cute! Love it :slight_smile:

thud FM passes out from cuteness overload