FO: baby/toddler sweater


just recently finished my first sweater (technically speaking, that is, and not counting cardigans :slight_smile: ). it’s for my 8 month old son to wear next winter. it’s knit from the Peruvian organic cotton marketed by Blue Sky.

i made up the design myself. it’s knit in the round bottom up, then the front and back knit flat, grafted at the shoulders. “boat neck.” the sleeves are picked up at the armholes and knit in the round to the wrists.

(you’ll notice i took this pic before i wove in the ends, obviously–that’s not a design feature :slight_smile: .)

the pattern stitch on the bottom of the body and the sleeves is andalusian stitch. i like it as i find it very easy to do (it even helps me keep count of rounds/rows!) but that it adds a lot of textural and visual interest. (it also impresses the heck out of non-knitters bc they think it looks so complex. :joy:)


So adorable! As a knitter, I’m impressed. It’s a darling baby sweater.

Have you considered writing up the pattern for Ravelry? Even in one size, it would be an attractive addition.


thank you for the compliments!

that would be fun, though i’m currently not very fluent with pattern writing lingo…