FO - baby things for a shower

one of my coworkers is going to have a girl in october - i didn’t have too much time to prepare for this shower, but i did my best…thanks to all the great KHers for posting fantastic pattern links!

“ugg” booties and matching hat - i put a liner in them so the baby won’t just kick them off, as i thought the pattern knit up a little loose.

closeup of booties - i really liked this pattern - it was a fairly quick knit, and they’re just so freakin’ cute…

baby kimono from mason dixon - knit with lion organic cotton - i love this yarn!

what a lovely set of gifts!! and I never get tired of seeing those baby uggs- they are SOOOOOO cute I want to make some for myself to keep on a shelf. great job! I bet your friend will love them.

Oooooh how sweet i love those boots and the kimono is stunning.

If this is what you produce when you don’t have enough time , i want to see what you can do with plenty of notice.

Rita :slight_smile:

REally cute!!

Do you have a link to the pattern for the boots and cap?

those are absolutely gorgeous! Adorable! I want a pair myself!

Actually though, I have an 8 month old baby - how big are they sized for??

I wanna pair of faux Uggs too!! Those would be so comfy to wear as slippers around the house. The hat is a perfect match and the kimono looks magnificent. I agree with ritaw, “If this is what you produce when you don’t have enough time , i want to see what you can do with plenty of notice.” :slight_smile: -Ve

the booties can be found here, and the hat here. they give two sizes for the booties, and i knit the smallest size, so they may well fit your 8-month old.

Oh my gosh! Those are adorable! :inlove:

Very nice!! I love that hat and the Uggs, they are absolutely perfect together and will look so cute worn together. Good job on the kimono. Your friend will really appreciate such stylish and practical clothes for her new baby, and that they were hand made. Look for lots of ooohing and aaahing at the shower. :slight_smile:

I’ve been making the Uggs hat and booties for gifts too – it’s such a cute knit! And I completely agree about the lining - I line both the hat and booties and they’re too darn cute! Nice work.

So Cute!:cheering:

Awe those are sooooo…CUTE!!:heart:Your coworker is lucky to have those gifts!!:cheering:

aaahhh!! Those are too, too cute!! What a lovely gift for your co-worker!:cheering::cheering:

Great job… you can’t go wrong with the Ugg booties… they are to cute… :teehee:

Those look great! I may have to go knit those up for my little bean. I have some leftover pink suede yarn in my stash :).

you said you lined the Uggs…with what please and how?

i just knit a tube on dpns with the plush yarn and sewed it inside - i got the idea from pugmom - in fact, she’s the one who posted the pattern here - i found it through her! i only knit the tube about an inch and a half or so long - it’s enough to keep the bootie on, i think, but i didn’t think it needed to go all the way down the boot.

Lucky mom and baby! Everything is cute.

Everything is just adorable. I really, really wish I had the time to knit up a set like this. I’ve got a co-worker due in October as well.

Your gift will be treasured for many years!!

Oh goodness they are lovely!!!