FO: Baby Sweater

Finally, the hooded baby sweater for my ‘eldest’ is finished, just need to find some buttons! But the doggone thing is done, sewing up,weaving in ends, crocheted border and all! :woot: It’s the Springtime Cardigan from Leisure Arts 4640, Knits for the Modern Baby.

Being my first knitted sweater, it was definitely a learning experience. Working with two balls of yarn was the most difficult part for me to get the hang of. But, the lacy pattern stitch was quite easy to memorize and worked up nicely.cloud9

It turned out very pretty and you did a great job with it.

Love the color and you did a great job! :yay:

Oh, that’s lovely. I love the combination of lacy panels and the hood. Well done and enjoy knitting many more.

Wow! You did a great job on this. What a lovely little hoodie!! I love the lace panels.

Lucky kid!

Cute little thing and a great first project. Well done!

Great work! You’d never know it’s your first sweater ever! You are a natural!

This is a beauty!
TEMA:knitting: :thumbsup:

Wow, great job! I know the baby is going to love it.