FO: baby sweater

My baby sweater is finally finished! I am so glad my niece didn’t have twins - hee hee It is my first ever sweater and it gave me some troubles along the way but hey, I learned from them so that’s a good thing! The booties that are sitting in the hood are the ones that I showed a couple of weeks ago.
I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn.

it looks great !

nice job… should keep the baby warm and will look cute!

Aw, it is adorable! I just love hoodie for babies!!!

Beautiful! I love the color, and the sweater is so cute! Nice work!

So cute! One piece? or did you have to seam?

It looks wonderful! :yay:

oh so nice gr8 job…congratz

Very cute ! I think you did a lovely job on it:)

That’s an adorable outfit, bet your niece will just love it. Cute putting matching buttons on the booties.

That is really adorable! lucky baby!

It turned out great!! Love the beautiful color and it looks so soft!

Cute! Was that Homespun you used for the booties too? It probably was because it had that look to it; I just never thought of using Homespun for booties because it is pretty heavy. I know your booties turned out perfect though.

This will be a great gift for your niece. You did a good job on your first sweater.

I hear you on the twins. :slight_smile:

Awe…cute little sweater.What a great warm and cozy gift to remember!:heart:

What a sweet little sweater! Great job. :yay:

It looks so nice and cozy, great job!

Yes, I used homespun for the booties too.

I had to seam it all together…it wasn’t the funnest job and next time I will use thinner yarn for the seaming.

:yay: very cute!

Really cute! I love the color and the baby will be nice and warm in it with the matching booties. Great job on your first sweater!:woohoo: