FO: baby sweater

Just wanted to share this. I started by using a baby kimono pattern, but soon changed it to suit my yarn supply. It turned out to be a 3-6 month size.
Pattern: Sort of my own, but started with the Baby Kimono Pattern
Yarn: Filatura DiCrosa Primo Superwash
Needle size: US 6

It looks great! Very nicely done!


Awww that is so cute! :inlove:

Awwww - so cute!!!

Very cute!

Oh, that’s just adorable! Great colors.

Lovely! Is the yarn self striping or did you switch colors?

I like yours ten times better than the baby kimono. So sweet.

Very nice work. I bet the baby will be very warm in it when it turns colder.

That is so cute . The colours you have used really compliment each other:)

:yay: Very cute!! You did a great job :inlove:

Ohh, cute cute cute.

Ooooo I love it! A very nice color combination, too! Darling little man sweater!

Love the sweater and the colors…perfect for a little boy.:thumbsup:

I love the color sequence!! :slight_smile:

Really cute, Gina! You’re so talented, and fast, at knitting all these adorable things.

Gina, I love your little sweater. The colors and the way you used them are just right.

Oh my…how cute. You did a wonderful job.
Thanks for sharing…

Great job Gina! That sweater is so cute.