FO: Baby sweater

Not my first ever FO, but definitely the first one in a long time…

Aww, that’s so sweet! It’s very cute. :cheering:

That is positively adorable!!:inlove:

Lovely work :slight_smile:

that is very cute! did you use a pattern?

i love the subtle color! what yarn did you use?

Oh, that is sweet! Nice knitting.

That is the Baby It’s Cold Outside (BICO) pattern, done in Lion Brand Homespun colorway Tudor with Gothic trim (the trim looks black in the pic, but it’s purple). In the skein the Tudor just looks like a cream with some other colors mixed in, but I love the subtle striping it produced. This is a 6 mo sweater, and it used virtually a full skein of the Tudor, and a good chunk of the skein of Gothic.

I think I’m going to try knitting up a child’s sweater in the Tudor, using the same pattern (it’s a super easy pattern, made in one piece with 2 seams), but knitting it instead of crocheting… I have 1 1/2 skeins of the Tudor left to play with.

thanks for the pattern info. I was so inspired by your sweater that I decided to make one myself. My sister in law just had a little girl on Nov 5. I started it last night, and I’m almost to the neck opening. I love how fast it is coming along. I’ll be sure to post pics when I am done.

This is my first crochet project that isn’t granny-square-esque :woohoo:

Very cute!!

That’s a cute pattern. Nice job. :slight_smile:

looks great- what pretty yarn! I like the subtle color changes

How is the BICO coming in the knit version? Can you show us a picture and share how you did it when you finish? Thanks!

LOL! I haven’t even started. I’ve been working on another project (my first cable). I have a fair idea of how I’m going to accomplish it, it’s just the gauge that is in question right now.

How well we all understand!! At least you made the crocheted BICO–I’m still “thinking about it”!

So just for you, I started the BICO in knit last night. I haven’t gotten very far, about halfway up the back, but so far it’s turning out about the same size as the crochet one, so that’s good. It is thinner though, the crochet one is quite thick, even a bit stiff, but the knit one is obviously thinner and more drapey (for lack of a better word).

Oh, sorry, Cristeen, that’s probably all you needed–another project! So how are you converting the pattern to knit? Are you casting on one stitch for every chain? Are you doing it in garter? This is going to be so interesting to compare size, texture, and appearance, since it’s the same Homespun color, right? I’ve both knit and crocheted prayer shawls with Homespun, so I know what you mean about stiffness and drape. Keep us posted! BTW, what size needles are you using?

Actually, I only have 2 others OTN at the moment. I’m waiting for my Knitpicks needles for one of them, and I need to buy (and dye) another skein for the other. :wink:

Im using 11s, since thats the largest I have. I did CO 1 for every chain in the larger size listed, and it’s coming out about the same size as the smaller size. I did 2 rows of garter, and then switched to stockinette stitch. I’m slipping the last stitch in each row to make assembly and edging easier later. Right now I’m just trying to decide if I want to assemble as I go, or just assemble it at the end.

And yes, I’m using the same color… it does show the striping like the crochet, but I think the stripes will be wider than in crochet.

That is such a cute jacket and I love how the yarn worked up. I wouldn’t mind one for myself!