FO-Baby Sweater

Here is my first finished sweater. I got it from a book called Knitting for Babies from It went together really easy and it actually fits my daughter. I used Bernat Satin yarn in Flamingo.


Very nice. That fur trim is great for a baby.

Awww so cute!

That is SO cute!

Cute overload! :heart:

Congrats! The fit is great and it looks darling on your daughter. Way to go! :happydance:

Beautiful!!! :inlove:

That is SO cute!! Great work!

That is adorable!

I think I’ll order that book, since it seemed to stress (at their website) that the patterns are very easy to follow (something I need :roll: ). Thanks for the link. :thumbsup:

What a cutie pie ~ and the sweater is sweet, too!

OMG your daughter is sooooooo cute!!! oh and the sweater is lovely also! :wink:

OHHH!! Your DD is PRECIOUS!! :hug:

BTW, I love the sweater, too :teehee:

ADORABLE baby girl and sweater!!! Love the fun trim at the bottom!!

How very cute!

Don’t you just love that Bernat Satin??? The sweater and baby are just too too cute!


Now, isn’t that the cutest!!! :heart: :heart:

Cute sweater, cuter baby!! Great job!! I love the pink. :slight_smile: