Fo- baby sweater! :)

This is my second baby sweater. I’ve knited it for 3-months-old daughter of my teacher :smiley:

That is so, so cute!! Where did you get the pattern?

I’m sure your teacher will absolutely love it!!

How lovely! It makes me think of raspberries and cream!

The button flap on the shoulder is a wonderful idea, too. Baby heads are so large in proportion to their bodies that a sweater neck is often very loose for them.

Aww that’s so cute! What yarn did you use?

I didn’t use a pattern… :smiley:
And yarn… it can be a problem for you, cause it’s polish yarn and there is no more places on Earth where you can get that yarn :smiley:

You didn’t use a pattern? :thud:

It’s really beautiful! :inlove:

Really, I have no idea how you can use pattern! I NEVER use a pattern :smiley: Sometimes I don’t know how many stitches I’ve casted on… :smiley:


It definitely says “little girl” with all that pinkness! How cute!

AWW! That’s SO cute!!! :slight_smile:


Oooooh, I just love that color! :heart:

It looks beautiful!

Soooooooooooo cute!

What is polished yarn?

Lovely sweater, she will love it.

I think she meant Polish…I could be wrong though.

OOOHHHHH Boy don’t I feel silly!


exactly :smiley:
yarn from Poland :smiley: (do u know where is Poland? :wink: )

You never use a pattern?? Wow, I am so impressed by that! I love that sweater, it is beautiful!!