FO - baby sweater finally has it's ribbons

I couldn’t find any green to match so I went with purple. I think it looks okay. It’s going to charity - Stitches from the Heart.

That is beautiful! You have a great eye for colour Jan. It’s so pretty and soft, great job! (And I like the purple ribbon!).

That is really gorgeous! I love the seed stitch (I’m making seed edges instead of garter on my current project).

That’s really sweet!

Oh, it’s so sweet! I love the color combination, and the ribbon is just perfect. Lovely!

That is so adorable, I love the colors you chose for it.

Really precious!
I think the purple bow looks great!

I love the color…very pretty :thumbsup:


It is beautiful. the colour is lovely.

Oh, I LUV this sweater…what pattern did you use?

It’s beautiful, Jan. All the poor little babies that you’re dressing in the world are very lucky.

Thanks so much everyone! :hug:

It’s linked in the first post. :teehee:

I :heart: that sweater, Jan!



OOPS—my bad, sorry and thank you!

Oh, Jan, I SO LOVE IT!!! And it’s perfect for my friend who is pregnant! What yarn did you use?!
You are so kind to knit for this charity:heart:

Thank you, Rebecca! I used Bernat Softee Baby. The green was mint and I’m not positive on the multi, but I think it was pink parade. :think:

So sweet!!!

I think it looks great with that ribbon. In fact, it was a wonderful choice. It brings out the background colors a bit more. The sweater as always “O baby sweater queen” is beautiful!

Jan that is so sweet and some little soul will look adoreable wearing it.x