FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

When going through one of my EZ books, I saw this pattern and puzzled my puzzler over the diagram of the finished piece. :??
I couldn’t see how that weird looking thing could ever fold up into that cute little sweater…:noway:
Nor could I see it while knitting it up… :oo:

But lo and behold that weird looking thing I knitted DID fold up into a cute little sweater!

And it’s perfectly named too, as we were surprised to learn my nephews girlfriend is expecting. :wink:
If it’s a boy I’m putting little lion buttons on it, and if a girl brightly colored butterfly buttons.

Thats adorable, Charlotte!! Those buttons will be perfect!

I’ve knit 3 of them and that’s the first thing I thought of when I first saw it, too. :lol:

Thanks Jan!

I just started my 2nd one, so that I have something simple to knit during the week at lunch! :happydance:

That is too cute! That’s the kind of thing that gets worn a lot too. I’m sure it will be much appreciated.

Bright and adorable! It’s a perfect child’s sweater that just makes you smile. Lovely work.

Adorable and love the colors. It always amazes me when I look at something knitted that it isn’t always horribly hard. You did a great job and baby will love it.

How bright and cheerful! The Baby Surprise jacket is a classic that will be knit by others over and over for a hundred hundred years to come! A timeless knit!

Great work!

Oh, your sweater turned out perfect, Charlotte. I love the bright colors you used, and I think it’s neat that you couldn’t really envision the final sweater until you folded it all up. Of course, that has its own headaches when you think it’ll never work, but the surprise at the end is a nice reward.

Great work on this little number! And it sounds like it’s just in time, too.

I had to find out what you’re talking about so I found a video to see what “that weird looking thing” was. How great is that?! I might make one just to do it even though there are no babies in my life these days.

Lots of places to find the pattern. I recommend the updated versions from Schoolhouse Press rather than the older books. EZ’s pattern is somewhat difficult to understand on it’s own.

Here’s a free one for a preemie that can probably be adapted to fit larger babies. The patterns seems pretty clear to me; however, note that the “ssk” is not really a slip, slip, knit. It’s a sl1, k2tog, psso.

GG - If one of your grandchildren has a largish teddy bear (say 15" tall) it would make a great sweater for one.

I almost wish I had seen your video before beginning - but it was really neat to keep knitting and wondering, learning to trust that the pattern would work out.

And Jan is right, EZ’s instructions can be a bit cryptic, though Meg Swanson’s BSJ DVD with pattern was really helpful.

That’s really lovely. I like that it’s bright and zingy instead of the normal pastel colours for a baby.

Thanks! Since we don’t know what she’s having yet, and I tend to knit slower than old people walk… :roflhard: I decided on some kid colored self striping sock yarn from my stash, to make sure baby had something handmade from it’s <gulp> grand-aunt.

I’m not keen on the classic neutral green/yellow pastels or the “new” neutral baby colors combining browns with a pastel of some sort. Just my opinion, but blech!