FO - Baby Surprise Jacket

it turned out wonderful!! Love it!

Love it. Very smart looking.

That is so cute Jan! I love the colors - very nautical :thumbsup:

Beautiful job on the sweater. I love the deepness of the blue. He will look adorable in it!

Nice job Jan! That sweater pattern never seems to get old. It’s amazing the variations you can get out of one pattern.

Very Nice!!!:cheering:

You are [U]so good[/U]. About how many hours a day/week do you get to knit? I don’t get much.

:aww: Thanks everyone!

Thanks! You know, some days I actually don’t knit at all, but when I have a project I’m interested in (or need to do) I knit for several hours on and off. I’m ‘retired’ so I have lots of time most days. :thumbsup:

I like the colours you use. This is a great jacket! :inlove:

Jan, what a beautiful jacket…I haven’t been able to be online (except for work) in a while so I’m trying to catch up. I clicked on this and I just said WOW! I love the color and how you did the stripe. Does this pattern always have the collar or did you add that?

Thank you, Jen! I added the collar myself, but used a Ravelry members instructions as a guide. :thumbsup: My original intent was to make a baseball style jacket, but I was getting frustrated and time was running out so I just went with this. The mom says she likes it so that’s all that matters. :wink:

Oh Wow - I really like this jacket! You did a great job! My niece is expecting her first baby (a boy) in Feb and I would love to make her this - is it too hard of a pattern for a knitter who knows only the basics? Where can I find the pattern? Thanks!

Oh, it’s beautiful:heart: I’m sure it will look lovely on the baby!

That is really adorable!

Awesome surprise jacket Jan!! :cheering:

I have the yarn to make one for my grandson for Christmas (hoping I can fit it in!) and was debating where to put the stripes or just keeping it solid until the final inch or so for the edging. I did one for my granddaughter about four years ago which I had intended to be a solid color, but ran out of yarn, so had to add a second color for the last inch or so and it turned out so cute!!

Seeing the way you striped yours, that really looks good… do you remember which rows you used the contrasting color on for the stripes? (approximately) I am using a dark blue, sort of a grayish-slate blue, and a silver-gray for the CC. My grandson looks great in darker colors and my daughter helped pick these colors out… I think it’s going to look great whichever way I decide to stripe it.

I’ve made two BSJ so far and this will be my third… then I’m going to try the adult pattern, but sizing it for my granddaughter who is now too big for the baby size.


Thank you all so much!!!

Here is a link to a larger size photo if it makes it easier to understand. I don’t know the exact number row I was on, but the last stripe is 1 ridge in from the edge and there are two ridges between the stripes. I did that so I could add the button holes “between” the stripes. You can’t do that exactly of course, but I think I did 1 ridge then added the button holes on the first row of the next ridge. I didn’t write anything down so that’s a good guess.

How old is the older child? The first BSJ’s I made are very big and would probably fit a 3 or 4 yr old or even small 5 I would think… I used worsted weight yarn and probably size 8 needles although it’s been a while I’m not positive. The yarn weight and needle size really does affect the finished size.

You can order the pattern here-
The pattern as written is a little hard to follow so you can use this as a guide to make it a lot easier.
Here’s another that helps, too.
You only need the basics to make this jacket. It’s all garter stitch and increases/decreases. A little bit of seaming on the shoulder and voila!

Thanks Jan… One more question… Did you pick up and knit for added length on the sleeves? I don’t see the sleeve stripes going up along the top of the back, and the sleeves do look a little longer and narrowed at the bottom than how mine turned out.

In answer to your question, my granddaughter is now 6 and about a size 7-8 for a jacket, so I’m going to try the adult sweater with her measurements. I figured that way if it didn’t work out (or I couldn’t figure it out!) that it’s on such a small version that I won’t feel that I wasted as much time as I would have making one for a full-figured full-sized adult. I read on one of the BSJ groups that it works for smaller children sizes up through huge sizes, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The first BSJ I made her was when she was about 2 years old and I used a sort of medium weight boucle-type yarn and size 6 needles I think and it was perfect for her at that time… just pure luck that it fit! I just made one a few months ago just for fun that was with odds and ends bright neon Red Heart yarns, mostly pink as that is what I had on hand. It turned out bigger than I expected. I thought if it turned out I’d give it to a neighbor’s 6-month-old girl, but it’s too big for her yet, so I’ll give it to her in a year or so… I still have to sew up the shoulder seams and add a collar, so I might get it finished by the time it would fit her…:wink:

I’ll post a picture of that one if I get a chance later… it’s pretty bright and loud… maybe not even appropriate for such a little kid! :shrug: I was just using up odds and ends and thought I’d practice on another BSJ before making one with good yarn again. Maybe I’ll let you guys be the judges on whether or not a little kid should wear something so bold… It might just have to serve as a guide to where to place stripes in future ones!

Thanks again,

Oh yes, I did pick up and add length and the stripes. I wasn’t completely happy with how they turned out this time, but live and learn. One thing to be aware of when picking up the stitches is to make sure you are picking up on the side with the purl bumps so the next row sits right. I seamed first then picked up, but you can do the sleeve extension then the seam, too.

Do post the bright one! Brights on babies are adorable so it’ll be perfect!

very nice