FO - Baby Surprise Jacket

Finally finished this for a friends soon to be born baby boy. I’m mostly happy with it. I used Berroco Comfort (worsted) in navy and white. The yarn is very soft, but is pretty splitty.

That’s so nice, Jan. :yay: Puts me in mind of a sailor’s outfit. I love how the baby surprise jacket adapts itself to the individual variations of knitters.

Ooh it’s lovely! :yay: I hope to have my mitts on the DVD tomorrow so maybe I’ll finally get my first attempt finished :oops:

Very sharp, Jan! Just the right blue…and the white really ‘pops’ the entire design! Great work! I like the pattern design very much, too!

very nice, it’s really cute

I love the color combo…great job :inlove:

That is so cute!

Very nice! I like the collar. I love that pattern.

awwwww so cute Jan . Excellent choice of colours:)

Jan, this is so cool in the navy and white! Nice job!:thumbsup:

It’s great! How long does it take to make these?

It’s adorable! I’m sure they’ll love it. How did you like this pattern? I’m planning to make the adult surprise jacket and some people have said I should make the baby version first to become familiar with the pattern. What do you think?

I love how you added the collar and stripes. It is adorable!

Thanks everyone!

I love the pattern! I think it would be helpful to make the baby version first. With the baby version there are no decisions to make really so you get a good idea how it’s put together. The adult version requires working the numbers to fit you.

They can go really fast since they are garter stitch. I really couldn’t guess at the number of hours, but I think you could do one in a few days if you knit a lot. I took about a week for this one and that included ripping back when something I tried didn’t work.

Very nice!

That is such a beautiful little jacket. I wish I’d had something like that for my son when he was born. That’s the kind of thing you just can’t buy in the shops anymore.

I may have to invest in a copy of the pattern from ebay!

You don’t need to get it from ebay. You can get it here and it’s only $3 plus shipping. It ends up being $7.75, but that’s a small price to pay for a good pattern and you support the company. :wink:

If anyone decides to make this I will warn you… her patterns are not real easy to follow. However, there is LOTS of help available.

You do need to buy the pattern first though to have it make sense. After you do one you’ll be hooked!

Wow Jan looks really cute:cheering: I think I like it done in solid colors better then the variegated. Love the colors you chose:cheering:

Lovely little sweater – I really like the pattern and the colors!

He’ll be the sharpest dressed baby on the block. All he needs is a watch cap and a pair of bell bottoms.

What a cute little sweater!