FO- Baby Surplice Jacket and a hat

I made these for a friend’s baby girl and finally took photos. The sweater is Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surplice Sweater. It was in a Vogue Mag last January I believe, but you can also get it at Schoolhouse Press (#43). The hat is the Toddler Republic Hat. Both were made with Elann Superwash Worsted in cranberry and white. They are easy and so much fun! I didn’t sew the buttons on because I wanted it to be easy to adjust w/o resewing buttons or my having to sew a dozen on. :zombie: So I put a crochet chain between two buttons so they can fit through any buttonholes side by side. There are two sets one for each side for a total of 4 buttons. Aren’t they cute!?

:inlove: wow…I love that color combo, so pretty/classy/elegant. Great job :thumbsup:

Very cute!!

Oh my…they sure are cute!!!


Ooo, very nice! :slight_smile:

Those are really cute.

Does the pattern work similarly to the BSJ? I see a miter by the shoulder…

Very cute. I love the buttons.

Adorable! They’re even in my alma mater’s colors (Wisconsin Badgers) - Go Big Red! :cheering:

Thanks everyone! They were fun!

Yes, it is very similar! You start at the bottom though and decrease for the neck/front then increase for the sleeves. I added length and cuffs on them.

The jacket is absolutely adorable! And the hat is too cute:inlove: I absolutely LOVE it!

That turned out great. I love those buttons!

Oh my gosh, they are beautiful! And those precious little buttons! Lovely work!

They are so cute! The buttons are sweet!!

Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Fabulous! And what a great idea for the buttons!

To give credit where credit is due… it was not my idea. I saw one done this way on Ravelry and thought it was brilliant!


Beautiful knitting and what an adorable set. I love the color, and the buttons are perfect with it.

Jan your set is adorable:yay:Love the colors you picked.

Jan, they are absolutely gorgeous. She is going to be stylin’!

Gorgeous!! Love the red and white and those buttons are fabulous!!