FO Baby Sun Hat

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I finished this baby hat and had to share it! The pattern waqs pretty easy once I got the hang of ssk on dpns. Very long story behind the hat! HA! But I did it!

Aww, so cute! It looks like it fits perfectly too.

That’s so pretty! :cheering: Looks really nice!

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

That is just adorable. :cheering: I need to adopt some infant nieces and nephews so I can knit cute things for them. I’d knit them for my cats, but I don’t think they’d stay on that long :rofling:


That’s lovely! I need to get that pattern.

:smiley: Adorable :thumbsup:

That is one of the cutest baby hats i’ve ever seen!!

that’s exactly the style of hat i’ve been looking to knit! I could only find winter baby hat patterns. Does anyone know of any free ones like this?

So cute in her little hat! Does she keep it on?

Very adorable!

Thanks! Its probably my favorite hat too!

KK has an apricot hat here.

Also there is this one page down a bit to “Lilly’s hat”.

Yes Ingrid she keeps it on. heh, when she was new I put them on her all the time to create the habit, I’m sneaky that way.

thanks pixy!

Grats! That is gorgeous :slight_smile:


Oh, how sweet! The hat and baby are adorable! :inlove:

that is too cute


Must. Knit. The. Cute. Hat!

sweeeet! :inlove:

Very cute baby and hat! :smiley: