FO Baby stuff

2 Headbands and 1 little hat for soon to be born granddaughter. The headbands were an experiment with just rib stitches. Pink one is smaller done on size 4 needles and the other a larger and more rows with size 8 needle. The little rose buds I bought in a pack at Michaels. The flower was from a pattern in Natural Nursery Knits that was for a hat pattern in the book. The little hat I am not sure of the web site but the picture under it says Free Pattern, Jeris Swanhorst. I just added the rose buds to that one too to dress it up. Have finished the christening blanket and will post later. Thanks for looking. Lisa

Those are beautiful, Lisa! She’s going to look just adorable in those! :inlove:

Thanks, Jan. We actually tried the bigger one on a baby at a shower recently and the mother just loved it, was stretchy enough and just sat so cute on her head. I like the addition of the little rose buds. Not sure they will stay on forever but at least hopefully can get some pictures of her wearing them.

Very cute!

Very sweet :inlove:

Oh boy, a granddaugter! :muah: You’ll have lots of knitting fun. Cute things. I like the addition of the little roses, they really add a lot.

Thanks everyone., I know they aren’t anything dramatically difficult to make but I wanted some other things to have in her package at one of her baby showers so I did these to go along with other things. Oh yeah, knitting another blanket now called Angel Wings from Creative knitting magazine. Now I have to get over my fear of sweaters! I want to do some so badly but just haven’t have the courage yet.

Now I have to get over my fear of sweaters! I want to do some so badly but just haven’t have the courage yet.

lgoddard, now is the time!! The hardest thing about adult sweaters IMO is the gauge and good fit. With babies you can be off on gauge a little and things will still fit some time and how something fits is not critical. Who ever heard a baby say, “This makes me look fat”?, etc. that adults may criticize about how a sweater fits. For for a simple pattern and go for it. We’re here to help if you need it.

I know I have to do it, have just been so darn afraid of seams, and such. I need to search around for maybe one done in one piece at first, might be easier for me, not sure. Baby isn’t due until 9/17 so maybe I can get one going. Thanks for the push!

Very cute! I love the headbands – what a great idea!

Those are so cute!

Thanks! Once the little miss is here I will have pictures of her modeling I’m sure.

Just adorable!! Great job!

Very nice work! I sure do love the interesting ribbing on the hat! Great job! Congrats on the new life in your family! My children have all closed up shop! No more grands for me. Sniff! Sniff! :cry:

Having had 5 children myself, I was hoping for about 15-25 grands! Have to be happy with 10!

Oh thanks!This is our first so we are very very excited. The “ribbing” was just k1 p1 across for 10 rows. The brim could be rolled up too I just didn’t get a picture of it like that. Wow, congrats on 10 grandchildren, I doubt I will ever see that many, how wonderful for you/