FO: Baby stuff

I finished these a couple weeks ago, but got so far gone into my next project, I FORGOT TO POST! :knitting:

My cousin and his wife are having their first baby…a little girl. And I made these for them/her.

The blanket was a knit/crochet combo while the hat and booties were entirely crochet, something new for me, but something I was forced to do because my knitting needles were staining my yarn as the coloring on the metal came off…weird, i know!:shrug:

Awww those are really pretty! I’m sure they’ll be thrilled!

There are some needles that do that…what kind do you have? I like my nickel plated Options where that isn’t a problem. :thumbsup:

Boy, that’s a wonderful baby gift. :thumbsup:
I love the look of knitted baby blankets edged with crochet.

I guess I’m happy I can still use my needles and hooks from the 60s.

Hi Mate

The blanket,hat and the booties are very nice.They are as cute as the your first cousin’s baby would be. If the colour of balnket would have been bright it could have been more attractive.

Very nice! :thumbsup:

They all turned out beautifully! I love the look of a crochet border on baby blankets … I think it adds a nice finishing touch. I don’t crochet, but after seeing many posts like this with such pretty borders I think I may have to try it out!

Such adorable little things! I think crochet for the hat and booties was perfect! They are lovely!!!

So cute!!

How sweet! :heart:

Very cute! I love the little hat and booties! Beautiful colors.

Great job!! Beautiful color choices! Everything turned out beautiful!