FO- Baby Soft Balls

Here’s what I’m working on now. They are called Baby Soft Balls. I know several people who’ve had babies and thought these would be good for the young siblings. The b&w one was DK yarn with a 5 needle I think. The smaller one was following the smaller version I saw posted on a project…same DK yarn with size 3 or 4 needle. I’m now experimenting with worsted weight and the 3, but I think it’s too dense. Next one will try a 4.

Jan, that’s such a cute idea. They look easy to grasp (and throw). Thanks very much for the pattern link. I can see a few of these in my future.

Thanks, Mary Anne! I tried another pattern and for some reason I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. This one is super easy! If you want the smaller ball (softball size-ish) use the instructions here.

These are great! If you had trouble with the pattern then the pattern must be wrong.

Thanks, GG! I’ve got another two done that need to be stuffed and one on the needles. Will share when I’m done.

Here’s a few more! These were made with Plymouth Encore worsted, US 3 needle and the info for the altered size at this link. I cast on 24 and turned and started the short rows at 15.

I’ve got the Encore and I’m off to make some. You can’t teach a baby to throw the curve too early! They’re really adorable, Jan.

I’m making rainbow colors…because it’s never to early to learn your colors, too. :yay: Can’t wait to see yours!

Those are really cute! I’m looking for good patterns for my friends 18 month baby. I’m thinking about trying this playmat. I think I’m going to do some of these balls too. I like the idea of doing rainbow colors.

The playmat is so adorable. What a wonderful gift.

They put me in mind of the " Knitted Knockers" created for breast cancer

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