FO- Baby socks!

It’s my first ever pair of socks! Granted they’re for a baby, but hey I had to turn the heel and shape the toe and everything. The picture is of only one of them, but I promise they’re both done.

:yay: :yay: great job!!! I have yet to tackle socks!!

so cute:heart: what pattern, yarn, etc did ya use?

AWWWW so cute . Well done on your first sock :slight_smile:

The pattern is from Knit Baby Heads and Toes. I;m not 100% sure on the yarn used, as it came in a box a friend sent me. It didn’t have a ball band, but it’s identical in texture and weight to one that did. So I’m guessing it’s Rowan cotton. It’s a worsted and the pattern calls for DK, so the socks are a wee bit big for a newborn. I have DK weight though, so I’ll more than likely make another pair…or 5.

Aw, how precious and tiny. Nice job, a sock is a sock no matter how big or small.

It’s adorable!!! Great job!

Very cute!

Beautiful! I have a new grandaughter and I have knit her baby socks, but the smallest size it way too big. I actually have this book and didn’t realize they have these socks in them!!! Off to grab the book…:woohoo:


Very cute. Love the hat on the cover too.

Good job! Congrats on getting them both done and not having SSS. Way to go, I am proud of you!


good job!!! looks like you might have been bitten by the sock knitting bug now

That barely has a toe, it is so tiny. :slight_smile: Good job.

How sweet! I want to make baby socks! Ok, I want to make any socks. Will I ever learn?

Great job! I’ll bet knitting small socks was more difficult than larger ones!

Is this pic taken with the sock on your belly? Adorable! I miss being pregnant.


LOL yeah, I placed the sock on my belly and my daughter took the picture. She also played with my hair that night and I had her take a picture of that too…

I look horrible but the hair do was cute. Oh and I made a sig for my pregnancy forum with the sock picture…

Cute little sock, and Emily is going to look very cute in it. Did your daughter help pick out Emilys’ name? She sure did make your hair look cute!

So cute! I love making baby socks – they require all the same techniques as adult socks but without the long stretches of “straight” knitting. It’s a good way to try out a new sock technique.

DH and I had Emily’s name picked out before he even proposed to me. In the very off chance the baby is a boy, we’ve had one of those names picked out for just as long.

Tamberly (my DD) loves playing with my hair. It used to be super long and she would spend forever brushing it. I chopped it all off 2 years ago, and still haven’t been able to grow it back properly. I’m hoping the pregnancy helps with that :stuck_out_tongue: