FO baby soaker

So here is a test run of some yarn I dyed with kool aid. Tried to make rainbow but it doesn’t seem rainbowee enuf for me. I tried two different leg hole openings, ribbed and stright stockinette to make it curl (not much curl) but they are both too small and tight. Gotta take thos eout and try again. Ah well. Now I know what to do next time.

I love the stripey yarn and it still has rainbow colors even if it’s not in rows. You would need to dye it special to have that occur I guess. The soaker is cute. Once you get the leg openings right you’re good to go!..errr…maybe I should rephrase that… :shifty: :teehee:



Love the colors! :heart:

Did you use the punk knitter pattern? I saw someone else’s soaker whose legholes turned out that way, too - but I can’t remember why. Want me to look it up?

Yeah it was this pattern

i gotta look through the responses. Maybe this happened to someone else


It looks really great and the colors are so vibrant! Good job.

Nice yarn you came up with.

I too got a laugh at Jan’s “Good to go,” comment.

Leg holes look like they could be tricky, especially if the pattern doesn’t get it right. Good thing knitting is such fun. :slight_smile:

ripped out the legs and cast on again. I had waaaaay too little number of stitches. I have more stitches now and it looks much better. I’ll post pic when Im done. Thanks for the compliments :heart:

AAAAaaahhh much better

wow! :cheering: What a difference. You merely picked up more stitches? It’s beautiful!

Awww, that’s so cute!

Great job on the soaker ! I just finished one and had similar challenges with the leg openings, I even tried crocheting a ruffle. After my 3rd (!) try, I made cuffs, which I think will do for now, but my granddaughter has adorable little “thunder thighs” and she may fast outgrow the cuffs. Do you remember how many stitches you picked up?

There, that’s much better! Nice save. Love your rainbow colors!

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What a great word! Made me smiiiiiiiiile!

Love the soakers. Maybe someday one of my three daughters will “do their duty” and give me a grandchild.:tap: However, at 21, 23 and 25, I can wait until they’re ready.

That works much better!!

so cute! i am debating on knitting a mass amount of these to go disposableless (??) with our future 2nd baby… (i know i am crazy :slight_smile: )

I’ve heard that they work better than disposables. Cloth feels better on thier bums, good for environment, etc. What’s not to like? Go for it!!!