FO: Baby-size "Ballband" washcloths!

I used stash to knit up a set of 4 baby-sized “ballband” washcloths for Baby Scarlett, whose shower is this Saturday, July 21!
Whereas the “dishcloth-sized” ballbands are a cast of of 39st, I used just 27 cast on stitches for these teeny washcloths, 5"x5".

Here are my Ravelry notes if you’d care to get the pattern for either size.

So in addition to these little washcloths, Baby Scarlett will get these 3 Garter-T
tops as well! (which I posted last week in our Whatchas Knitting forum)

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Love them…great idea to make them smaller for babies! I have a new grandaughter and three new grandsons coming this fall so I may just whip some of these up![/SIZE][/FONT]

Simple and very useful idea for the washcloths. They look just right. Beautiful gift!

Wow, these are great! I am sure “mom” will greatly appreciate them.

Those are so pretty! Love them!

The pink and lavender yarns are 9 yr old stash! LOL!

Very nice! I imagine these are as soft as they are lovely! And huzzah! for using up some nine year-old stash, eh?

Nine year old stash, happy at last!

Awesome! Makes me start thinking about some of my 6 yr old stash! :think:

The washcloths are great and mom will love using them, but those T’s are SO sweet! I didn’t see your post last week. They’re adorable :heart: What a lovely gift.

Okay, [B]stop it[/B]! You’re making me want to use up my stash rather than buying MORE yarn! Just . . . just stop! :tap:

(I jest, of course!)

Another good idea! Although I don’t generally have babies to knit for, I’ll have to file away that idea. Lovely!

Do you know where I can get the pattern for those Garter-T shirts??


This is the url to my Garter-T (Ravelry) project:

This is a specific link to the pattern/design: