FO: baby set for my friend's niece

:happydance: I actually finished this a couple months ago, but just now got around to posting it. It’s a hat and booties set for my friend’s new baby niece. The baby’s name is the Korean word for butterfly, so I attatched a couple of butterfly beads to the ribbons on the booties :slight_smile:
:knitting: Nicole

here’s the picture:

What an adorable set. You did a super job and I’m sure the baby will look so cute wearing them.

Very beautiful . I love the hat :slight_smile:

That is adorable.

They’re very cute! I’m sure Nahby (is that her name?) will look adorable in them.

Awww very cute!

Yes! Her name is Nahby! How cool that you know that! Her mom is Korean, dad is Irish.

:inlove: to cute!!

Very sweet!


Very cute, I love baby stuff.

ohhhh. those are soooooooo super cute! lucky baby! good work nicoleheather! :happydance:

Those are so cute. They look so tiny and sweet. I love the color and the butterfly you added makes them so personal.

Lovely job and beautiful colour! Great work.

Very cute!

Soooo cute!!!

can you get me the pattern?:muah: :blooby: :flirt: :knitting: :frog: :x: :guyknitting: Crossed Fingers :poke:

Oh so sweet x

Very cute!!