FO... baby sacque and hat

finnally finished it and just in time for the shower.which was yesterday and i finished it yesterday morning!!! too close for my liking. everybody marveled at it… then passed it around. can’t say i liked that to much cause thent hey could see my flaws… looks perfect in the picture though!

Not a minute too soon and not a flaw in sight!! Beautiful job for the little :angelgrin:

The yarn looks very soft…what type did you use?


Very sweet… and that yarn is intriguing, what is it?

Simply soft by Caron (i think)

It’s GORGEOUS…LOVE it :wink:

Beautiful job!

That is so cute! Did your sister like it?

Beautiful!!! :cheering: It turned out great!!

Awww so sweet!

Oh, its adorable! Great job.

That set is so cute! You did a great job!! :thumbsup:

Those are beautiful! color me impressed.

Gorgeous! Where did you get the pattern for the gown? I would love to get it.


i guess she liked it… shes not really a person who shows much emotion… so i don’t know.

but i got the pattern from here… Sweet Pea Pattern

It’s beautiful! Love it!

That turned out great! I’m sure nobody but you saw any flaws!

very very nice…I love caron simply soft for baby items!

Sweet, sweet , sweet! :heart: And thanks for posting where you got the pattern.

I saw a pattern I’d really like to buy from that site. Do they actually mail you a pattern when you purchase it, or do they e-mail it to you, or provide you with a page for download?

Those are cuuuute !!!