FO-Baby Rib Sock & WIP Baby Rib Sock

One finished and one still on the needles. Only about 4 inches to go for the foot. I used Sensational Knitted Socks. The baby rib pattern for the 4 stitch pattern. I used KP’s Essential Navy Blue.

I love the look of that, it’s so classic and elegant!

:smiley: What a perfect sock :smiley: Don’t u love that book?!

Thank you.

Looks great!

Those are cute!

Great job! :thumbsup:



I haven’t done socks yet. I’m not sure if I’m intimidated by the DPN’s, or if I’m concerned that I’ll fall in love with them …

In the meantime, all the pictures af lovely socks are wonderful to see!

Your sock looks great. I have that book on my wish list… I think I should get DH to get it for me!