FO: baby pink

I’m making an effort to knit down my yarn stash.

This is Wendy Peter Pan DK. Needle size 4, achieving 6sts=1".
The pattern is my variation of a set a friend loaned me so I could analyze the pattern.

I hate knitting booties, but they are on a needle now!

so sweet and super cute

those are SO cute! And a great way to use up yarn stash.
Is there a particular baby this shall go to? It’s a lucky one, for sure!


Adorable!! Those look like an heirloom!

Oh, my, that is beautiful! Lovely, lovely work.

Beautiful! Your work is so meticulous!

[B][COLOR=Navy]Thanks a lot.

I’m not sure yet if it will be a gift, or for sale at the Christmas Craft Walk.[/COLOR][/B]

Awwwww! What a beautiful set!!! Just precious!

You do beautiful work! It looks like a piece that will be treasured by it’s receipient … very lovely! :cheering:

That is adorable! I would love that pattern!!

This is a beautiful set and your work is professional quality.

Show the booties too when you get them finished.

I too have been thinking about knitting up what I have before buying other yarns, but it’s hard not to buy yarn when you find it at a great sale or clearance price.

That is precious! What beautiful work you do :thumbsup:

Thanks for the "professional’ compliment. I spend at lot of time on finishing work.
The booties are still on the needle. :wall::hair:
Have I ever mentioned I hate knitting booties???!!!

I have “bargain” yarns in my stash that are more than 30 years old. This baby yarn was on sale, but not a bargain, and bought less than 5 years ago.
The yarn for the castle sweater was bought especially for that gift.

I’ve developed [B]great[/B] resistance to buying bargain anything!

Oh, it’s beautiful!! :heart:

Lana, this set is ADORABLE, and perfectly knit! You really did an amazing job!

Is this made in wool, wool blend, or other?

Wendy Peter Pan is 55% nylon/45% acrylic, made in England.
It’s very soft and a pleasure to knit up.

That is a beautful baby set! I just looked at the booties and they are sweet, too. Lucky baby!

Beautiful set! I saw the other pictures of the two hats too. All are nice. I love the pattern that makes the zig-zag on the yoke of the sweater and makes the star on the bonnet back. It is so cool. Nice work and color. :muah: