FO: baby mittens

I used a soft acrylic baby yarn and the mittens are made like toe-up socks, the beginning is at the fingertips.

looks great! beautiful job! :happydance:

and the mittens are lovely as well !! What a lucky grandniece you have!

So cute!

How pretty! What a nice set to go with the booties!

Krautie, Id love to see the full set together, you have done a great job!!

Aww! Are you giving it at the baby shower? I can hear everyone saying, “Awww! How cute!”

Thank you :hug: :smiley:

Baby shower??? Sorry, I don’t understand that :shrug:
I take a shower each morning…but I’m sure you’ve meant something completely different :?? :oops:

Perhaps showing the new baby to the relatives and friends? :??

Lol. :roflhard: That’s what I meant. We call it a baby shower where everyone gives gifts to the new mother-to-be. :slight_smile:

Those are gorgeous, they put my quick knit pair to shame. Guess its something else to tackle when I am feeling brave.

Those are so so cute!

Those mittens are too cute~~

Krautie~ it’s called a “shower” because we “shower” the mom to be with baby gifts~ in other words everyone gives her lots of presents :cheering:

We do the same things for “bridal showers”~ the bride to be is “showered” with gifts for her and her hubby~! :cheering:

Maybe you can teach us some German expressions … too~!! :eyebrow: :eyebrow: