FO Baby Layette completed

Here is the whole layette set together. It was easy to do and I used the Caron Simply Soft and it is a very nice yarn to make baby stuff with as it is very soft. Hope my step nephew and his wife like it.

That’s adorable! :inlove:

Ooo do you have a pattern for the onesie? I can’t get over the cuteness! :teehee:

Awesome! Very nice job.

This was a preemie pattern you will have to adapt it. I used bigger needles.

It is adorable! I’m sure they will love it!

Well done! I really love the color too :slight_smile:

That is so cute, what a lovely color. I love baby layettes, sigh… :teehee:

I’m really sorry, but I have to ask. What is in the upper right corner? It looks like a stuffed ball.

everything else looks very nice! :slight_smile:

It is the bonnet. I put tissue paper in it when I made it and stored it and didn’t take it out when I took the picture.

Everything looks great - that will be cherished by the family!

Looks GReat~~!! How long did it take you to finish it? It looks like it was b big project~!but what a nice baby gift~~!!

I did the sweater max a couple days and that was only because I didn’t work on it continually. It is called a 5 hour sweater and it pretty much is. The booties about an hour and the hat took a couple. In fact, I did this one for my grandbabie’s set that I making this morning. It is a wonderful pattern and makes a super baby gift because it is incredibly simple to do and looks like it was hard when it was a whiz.

Beautiful layette. Congrats!

Is that an ICord drawstring at the end of the bonnet?? I have been making baby caps but I haven’t thought about a drawstring~!!! :?? :?? :teehee:

Nope, I can’t seem to get the hang of I-cord. It is a crochet chain, which is actually what the pattern called for.

so cute. and i bet it’s ultra soft. :heart:

That is darling! I love the color, and it looks so squishy-soft. :heart: