FO: Baby hats

Finished two easy crochet baby hats from Yolanda’s Youtube channel.

What adorable hats! That style is so sweet on babies and your hats look perfect, flower decoration and all. Thanks very much for the link.

Awwwww! Super cute hats! Are these for babies you know or for charity?

Love 'em!

These are for my granddaughter, Emma Lou. She’s 7 months old now. I should have posted the link. Didn’t think this morning. Not enough coffee. I love Yolanda! Her projects are so cute and she’s easy to follow.

Grrr. I’m trying to find this link to post it. Then I got sidetracked watching all these other tutorials. I think I’m addicted to crochet videos.

Oooh, they are so cute. I just love the colors and the little flowers on them.:inlove:

Aww! Baby hats! :slight_smile: They are beautiful.

Well, Emma Lou will certainly look gorgeous in her new hats. Thanks so much for the link, too!

P.S. I say an addiction to crochet videos is not so bad. After all, you could do [U]much[/U] worse!

These are very beautiful! Great job and thanks for posting!

[B]Absolutely adorable!!![/B]

awwww how cute, good job!!! I’m working on a hat right now for my baby that’s due in October but I’m not sure I like the way it’s coming out…I’ll check that out!! A baby can never have too many hats… :wink:

I have just made a few of the baby hats from Yolanda’s Tutorial. I love them! They are so cute and easy to make. I made a couple with some variations and I also came up with some other ways to wear and market them. The first three I am making for a friend at church who is expecting twins in August, 1 girl, 1 boy. But I thing I will continue making these fun hats to sell at craft shows. I will post pictures after I add some finishing touches.

Those are so adorable. I love baby hats! The flower is such a cute accent. It gives baby a personality!!! :teehee: