FO~ baby hat

ok i finished this hat that i started last night… it took me all day. i got the pattern from DIY

now i don’t know what baby head they measured when they made this pattern cause it says it fits infant to 1 year!!! :shock: i don’t think so. its big on my 3 year old!!! maybe i did something wrong…

but Krickett is going to wear it anyway!!!

[color=grey][size=2]The Mod Squad was here - Photo Resized[/size][/color]

Carmell, every time I see that baby I just giggle. She is just too CUTE with her HUGE “deer in the headlights” eyes!

That hat looks GREAT! And Krickett will be able to wear it for a LONG time!


thats what i said… guess she’ll be having pink coats forever…
i made it to go with this coat!

Or at least pink jammies!

CARMELL!!! You have to make the UGG booties to go with that!!!

Sooo cute! The Ugg booties would be a perfect addition tho that! They are on my list to do as well.
Great job :slight_smile:

OMG She is adorable! Great job on the hat!

Awww… She and the hat are adorable!!! :inlove:

The hat looks great, Carmell–and the model is just too precious for words. (She seems to realize her powers of cuteness, too!)

So adorable!!!

Girl, that baby of yours is too cute. And that hat is gorgeous on her - I agree with the others, you need to make the boots, too. :wink:

It’ll keep her extra warm! She’s stylin’ now, but needs those Uggs!!

First of all, it’s hard to look at the hat when the baby is so darn CUTE! Those eyes… :inlove:

The hat is great. I agree with everyone else - the boots would be a terrific match!

She is so cute!!! Great job on the hat!! I agree the uggs she needs them LOL :happydance:

You could put anything on her and it would look great! The hat is super cute though on it’s own. I vote for some matching uggs too!

yeah i started the booties last night. so far so good!!!

THANKS EVERYONE!! Krickett say thank you too!!!

Are we all psychically connected, or WHAT?? :cheering:

Carmell, that hat is just too cute! I saw it on the show, but I like yours more! :cheering: :cheering:

I gotta concur on that ADORABLE little baby. Her pictures always make me smile. :mrgreen:

Oh, and great hat, too! At least she’ll be able to wear it awhile. :wink:

I love it!