FO - Baby Hat

Hi y’all
This is my first knitted baby hat. I used Caron SS and a very small amount of Red Heart Baby (sport) Pompadour for the trim. I made some adjustment to the size of brim and crown because I didn’t want a larger size for a baby. It’s an Easy Beginners Pattern . Here is a link to the free leaflet pattern.

Thanks for looking - Trisha :slight_smile:

very cute HAT!:yay:

That is so cute!

great job!

:happydance: Very cute!!

Very cute.

Oh, that’s so cute! The trim is a nice touch. Lucky baby.

How cute!

It is cute, and I love the trimming.

Thanks for the link, Trisha.

Thank you, too, and you’re welcome (RE:the link) :slight_smile: -Trisha


Awww, just needs a baby to model it.:cheering:

The color is very pretty.

That is adorable!!! :heart: