FO - Baby hat and sweater

Baby knits are fun! No patterns. The sweater was my experiment with barber pole stripes and the hat was my experiment with adding a brim/visor. Thanks for looking.

Those are adorable! I like helix stripes!

The stripes were really easy to do. I tried them on the sleeves but for some reason I couldn’t get them in the same order as on the body - the body was bottom up, the sleeves worked down from the held stitches. Another time, maybe. They’re great for using up small amounts of yarn. I didn’t have enough of the red to make another sweater and now I still have some hanging around so I guess I’ll do more stripes. :teehee: They’ll make a great shopping bag.

if you worked bottom-up for the body, and top-down for the sleeves, then you just needed to reverse which yarn you started with, to get the stripes the same… so if the body was red/blue/navy, then the sleeves would have been navy/blue/red. i figured that out when doing swatches for my seahawks helical socks.

technique aside, it’s a great sweater! :wink:

Beautiful work! Both the hat and sweater are adorable. The stripes look great and the brim worked perfectly.

Those are amazing! :shock:
I have wanted to knit a newsboys hat for awhile, and now I want to make one even more! What did you use for the brim stiffener?


Really? You’re kidding! Just reverse the order. Why didn’t I think of that? :roflhard: For some reason it wasn’t working for me, I don’t know what I was doing so finally gave it up and went for the order in bigger chunks - blue at the top, gray for the sleeve, red for the cuff. I tell ya, some days it just doesn’t pay to try to figure things out. Next time it may work just fine and I’ll never know what I was or wasn’t doing this time.

Thank you. It’s two layers of knitted fabric is all it is. How to: Add a Brim to Your Knitted Hat That’s the video I used for learning how to do it.

Thank you. I have some funny vertical lines at the color changes and have to work on evening out the tension there but all in all the stripes are a go. I posted the link to the video for the brim how to above.

I know we’re not supposed to point out our mistakes but I look at my projects that I post here as learning experiences and really value the input I get.

Thank you. :aww:

So cute!

Thank you, Daylily.

They’re both beautiful ! I love newsboy hats on baby boys and had I known how to make them (or had the time) when my boys were younger they would have had one in every color.

Thank you. The newsboy hats are darling on little ones. I could crochet when my kids were little but didn’t do it much and it was only after my grandkids were well past being babies that learned to knit.

Thanks for sending me the info. Yes, I posted my completed cap and you commented, too! lol!..

Thank you. They were fun to do.

If anyone sees my brain bouncing around somewhere, please email it to me. I have to go find your picture … again.