FO - Baby dungaree things

I’m so pleased with these. It’s the best seaming I’ve done so far (thanks to Amys video :heart: ) and I managed to pick up stitches nicely too (thanks to Amys videos again!)

Nice work Jen .They are lovely . I am sure the new arrival will look lovely in them :slight_smile:

These are soooo cute! Great job!!!

That is so darling. Great job. Glad to read Amy’s videos on seaming worked well for you as I am about to embark on some UFO’s and seaming.

Those are really cute!

Hi There!:heart:

Wow, that is absolutely precious!cloud9 It looks very cozy and snuggly, too:teehee:


Great job on those. Love the colorway.


oh they are really cute, good job

SO CUTE! I’ve just gotta make a set of these! They are just adorable! Good job! :thumbsup:

I’m in love . . . they’re adorable.

Maybe if I knit something like that, my DDIL will provide me with another grandchild? :heart:

Eep, I should have posted the pattern! Here it is -->


Great job! :thumbsup: I really like those. The yarn you choose is great too!

Those turned out really cute. I’m glad to hear you were happy with your seams. They make all the difference and once you feel confident with seams it will make all of knitting more rewarding. Nice job!

:happydance: You did a great job, I love the colorway…