FO: Baby converse, Mary Jane booties and hat

Its been a while I did not post my FO :aww:, but actually all my knitting projects I publish it at my blog, So anyone who like to check my recent FO can check from there as well. enjoy

Janneth - saw the booties on your blog site; they are quite adorable. Such very beautiful work you do.

They’re all wonderful! Awesome! :woohoo:

I knit a lot for my grandchildren and this year I have two new grandbabies to knit for! :happydance: I really have to do those converse!

They are all great! I love the ones that kind of look like moccasins!

:happydance: Those booties are too cute!! I can’t see them here though, but did on your blog.

Hereis a thread that Jan created with tips on posting photos here on the forum :thumbsup:

Thanks all, i know it really adorable and cute, that why I like to knit those booties. I am just a beginner knitter, so I am not fast enough to do knitting, I get so many order from the mary jane and converse booties…so need to finished it before Christmas…hope I can do it…wish me luck…hahaha