FO: Baby clothes

Just sent a box of knitted baby clothes for my daughter for our Emma Lou who is due to be born the end of September. Finished objects include: baby socks, a cupcake hat, sweater, multicolored car seat blanket, and a white thermal knit blanket.

Nice! Can’t see the photos though. Attachment isn’t working properly, but you can add them to Flickr and post from there. Directions are in the link in my signature.

Got it, thanks. Fortunately, this sometimes computer illiterate lady has a daughter who just graduated from ITT tech in computers with a 4.0 grade point average. She just shakes her head at me. The photo date is off. I’ll have to tell her to reset her camera.

Aw, cute! Love the tiny baby socks and a cupcake hat!

Okay, absolutely adorable stuff there. I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous! Where did you find the patterns for that hat and the car seat blanket?

Aww those are adorable! :thumbsup:

Emma Lou is going to be one stylish baby! Those are all adorable. It’ll be so much fun getting a package with one lovely item after another.

The cupcake pattern is all over the internet, but I thought this one was the cutest.

The carseat blanket is my own design. That was done with Red Heart Supersaver Mexicana yarn. It’s rainbow colored. I know, Red Heart yarn is c**& but I love the colors. I figure it will soften if my daughter washes it in Dreft.

Most carseat blankets are 20 by 24. I made this one larger thinking it would last a while for a toddler. My size came out to 21 by 26. It was done in a twin rib pattern so it’s the same on both sides, reversible.

Cast on a multiple of 3. I used size 10 needles and cast on 90. First row: k3,p3 across. Second row: K1,p1 across. You just repeat these two rows for the pattern. About halfway up (12 1/2 inches), I knit 41 in pattern, bound off 8 sts, knit 41 in pattern Wrong side, knit 41 in pattern, cast on 8 sts, knit 41 in pattern. I knit straight in pattern for one inch, then made another slot in the same manner. I continued straight in pattern for the last 12 1/2 inches.

My way of thinking is that you’d need a double slot to thread the crotch strap of the carseat through. This can also be used in a stroller as it’s small and won’t drag on the ground. You won’t lose it. I couldn’t find any patterns for carseat blankets with a workable slot on the internet so I made one up. Feel free to use this as you wish. Makes a great baby gift. This pattern would also be good for knitting scarves for gifts, especially for men.

I made the white blanket out of worsted weight yarn. It’s very heavy and thick. In hindsight, it might have been better in a lighter weight yarn because of the weight of it. This is a thermal knit pattern so it’s very warm. This would also be very easy for a baby blanket in a baby sport weight or fingering yarn. Row 1: Knit across. Row 2: Purl across. Rows 3 and 4: K2, P2 across. Repeat these four rows for pattern.

Everything is just lovely. I am sure mom and baby are going to love all of it. Post a pick of the baby with the cupcake hat after it is born.

All your stuff is quite cute. What a great baby package.

Thanks so much for sharing that pattern for the blanket! I can’t wait to free up my size 10s so I can try this :D.

You can really use any size needles for this. Just do a test swatch. Find out how many stitches per inch you knit with that size. Multiply it by about 20 inches for the number of cast on stitches. Mine came out to 21, but I knit loosely.

Cute. Lucky baby.

You have been a busy grandma. Congratulations on the baby girl. So many nice things for Emma Lou to wear. Great job.

Well WOW! Such a nice collection of baby things! Great work!

You must be so proud! I know how you feel! :thumbsup:

Breezed and I decided that Emma’s next FO will be an NFL Green Bay Packer baby blanket. lol

Everything’s adorable! Especially the tiny socks and cupcake hat :heart: