FO: Baby Cardigan with Matching Bonnet "Little Gnome"

This one looks almost identical to the one I posted about a couple weeks ago, but I knit this one from the bottom to the shoulders seamlessly and grafted it at the shoulders, then picked up and knit the sleaves (in the round). So the front neck shaping is done by decreases rather than increases, and there are no bulky side seams (I guess you could say I designed it, but I did build off some shaping ideas and measurements given in a book pattern). I used Blue Sky Fibers worsted wt organic Peruvian cotton with size 7 needles (a 32" circular for the flat knitting of the body and dpns for the sleaves). The cardigan used slightly less than one skein, but for the bonnet I had to break into a second skein. Note: a close inspection will reveal i hadn’t actually sewn buttons on yet–I just lay them on there to see what the finished effect might be…

I like the pointy gnome hat effect of the bonnet shape, but it also makes it super easy because it’s just a rectangle! I picked up sts along the crochet cord and knit, then basically folded it in half on two dpns and grafted the back together with reverse st st through the garter border (the reverse st graft doesnt match the garter exactly but its easy to do and blends ok) and then st st the rest of the way to the pointy gnome top.

I think I’ll be making a couple more similar little gnome bonnets at some point! they are fun and relaxingly easy way to use up a little extra yarn, and the look of the pointy little peak just amuses me.:smile:

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Simply adorable! The gnome hat makes it a lovely set and the buttons are a good match. Very well done from design to completion.

Nice work–I like when someone figures out a slightly different way. :slight_smile:

:smile: Well… I’m probably the king of doing things “slightly different ways”: I’ve never yet followed a pattern exactly… Seems I can never resist tweaking something. Usually it works out, and occassionally it doesn’t, but then at least I generally learn something.:):thinking:

Thank you both for the kind words!

Love it! It’s so cute!