FO - Baby Cardigan :oD

Very Cute cardi! :inlove:

Great job! I love the color. …and I agree about work getting in the way…if only my office had a door on it…

that’s adorable!!!

Sooo pretty!

What an adorable little sweater! Great job! :cheering:

You did a great job! I need to make a baby sweater. I have yet to make one yet.

that is beautiful and I love the pattern

Great job! I love doing top down sleeves, then you don’t have to sweat over sewing them in. :slight_smile: Hard to resist. I like your yarn, it looks like that orange sherbet with the vanilla ice cream mixed with it that I like. Yum. Turned out very well. Baby sweaters are my favorite. You’ll find a taker. :thumbsup:

:cheering: Looks great!!!

Very nice, and very daring to modify your first sweater!

is that zebra pattern by any chance??? I love it and my bffl would love it too!!:happydance:

The pattern just happened naturally from the yarn I was using :o) The actually pattern (which I’m going to have to look up lol) calls for it to be knit with three different colors and three large stripes… I wasn’t so comfortable at the time with the idea of changing colors so I just altered it to be what I wanted it to be ;o)