FO - Baby Cardigan :oD

Another HUUUUGE step in advancing my knitting skillz. I just started this last night to overcome my fear of doing a ‘real’ project. I have no clue who will be the lucky recipient of this cardigan, but I wanted to knit it as a sort of practice run to make sure I could do a sweater for myself.

And I went ahead and changed the arms anyway, hopefully I can figure out how to ‘make it work’ !

That’s looking really good!

Very cute! Baby sweaters are fun to do and pretty fast. :thumbsup:

Great work!

lovely color n so cute

awww, it’s sweet! is that a pink cardigan? or is it orange? either way it’s adorable!

It’s supposed to be orange, but I swear it looks pink in person too! :o)

Very nice Evan! Boy, you are going like gangbusters! And no baby steps for you - you are just diving in headfirst!!

It is looking great!!!

So cute! You sure do knit fast!!!

It looks great :happydance: and the first color that came to my mind when I saw the pic was peach :shrug:

Thanks!!! When I really get into something I tend to obsessively knit until it’s done… just have to sew the buttons on now :o) Would have been done hours ago if pesky work didn’t get in the way ;o)

And… done!

You are advancing very nicely, Evan! Kudos to you! :thumbsup:

It looks great!

Thank you so much!!!

You’re one of my knitting heroes lol… so of course that means SO much!

I am in awe! I can’t even get a friggin DISHCLOTH knit in one day lol!!

Wow!!! Congrats, it looks great! I guess I’ll have to make one of these. :slight_smile: I’ve never done a sweater of any kind either.

It’s adorable, Evan! You did a really nice job! Baby sweaters are a great way to learn and build confidence. :thumbsup:

Well done!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Wow! That sweater is adorable and you did a fantastic job… I know, I [I]hate [/I]how work gets in the way of life…